Our Roots

Orits Williki is a househould name in the music industry. His Hit songs such as Wa Dis, Wa Dat made waves in the 80s. His expressions of intents through music are spiritually inclined. His root of music is gospel. He began his musical career when he was just eight years old. His Father, Rev. J.I. Williki was very interested in praising God. Little Orits was in the Choir in one of the many churches shepherded by his father in the Niger Delta. The Reverend Gentleman had opened so many branches of the Baptist Church in the Niger Delta. When he died, Orits decided to continue in his footsteps. He believed he could adopt music and do more powerfully than his father before him. Ever since, his life has revolved round music. He met Becky during his bands audition for a backup singer and they got married after going out for six years on December 30, 1995. Ever since we released our debut album, Tribulation in 1989, under the poligram records Ltd, till date we have released over 156 songs.

Orits Williki was the first Nigerian artiste to compose and produce a song for awareness campaign for HIV Aides; Also, the only artiste who has been able to drag a serving minister to the studio to make a policy statement in a song, his name Prof. Olukoye Ransome Kuti. Orits Williki is also the composer, producer of the world FIFA Youth Championships, Theme Song Nigeria 99. Moreover, he was the composer of the Gate Way games theme song, 2006.

"As mighty as God is, He gave us only ten laws, and we have not been able to keep one. People who make all the laws we have are the same people who break them. When you look at justice, you observe that it is merely an ass"... Orits Williki

We Wanted To Be Independent And Cooperate With Young Musicians

We have the tradition of dragging other younger artistes along with us. That is the only way we sow our seed.
One can’t be there forever. If at old age and one did not sow any seed, one will regret like some of our old artistes.

“The Nigerian music industry is sick. We’re still looking for the ailment. Upcoming Nigerian musicians should
prepare their minds. I’m not being a passimist. ,What i saw, what i’m seeing is not comforting.”

3 April 2019

Slow Down : Releases New Single 'Masterpiece'

4 April 2019

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27 March 2019


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